Here are the more common questions asked about our product. If you have a more specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us


Does the price include GST?

All our listed prices are GST included. There is no additional cost involved unless your order is under $100.00, in which case it will incur a $7.00 postage cost.

Is credit card information safe over the internet?

We can receive online credit card payments via eWay. Our website uses the SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption protection (an SSL Certificate) to ensure that the customer’s sensitive information is kept secure. This is marked by the use of the “https:” at the beginning of the web address. eWay also uses this method of information protection. They will not reveal any credit card details to us and the payment will instantly be shown on your shopping cart. eWay takes Diners Club and American Express, as well as Visa and Mastercard. We also have other payment options, which are listed on our Payments page.

I don’t have PayPal account; can I still make credit card payment?

PayPal has the option to receive payment via credit card, even if the customer does not have an account with them, and you don’t have to register for a PayPal account either.

I am not comfortable using the internet shopping. Can I place an order over the phone?

Please call us during our business hours (8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday to Friday), and we can take the order and payment details over the phone.

How do I know your company receives my payment?

If you use PayPal or eWay, you will receive almost immediate confirmation from both the institution and ourselves of the transaction via email. Using a credit card over the phone is also quick and easy. You will be informed on the spot if there is an issue with the payment. If you pay by direct bank deposit there may be a slight delay of a day or two between the two banks. We check our bank records every morning and will email you when the payment has been cleared. Please marked with the Order ID and your name, so that the payment can be identified.

When you will dispatch my order? Would you inform me when my order left your warehouse?

We will dispatch goods either the same day or the next working day on receipt of payment. We will email the customer when the goods have been dispatched, along with an estimated time of delivery and the parcel tracking number.

Can I track the delivery of my order?

Yes. A tracking number will be supplied in the confirmation email. The tracking number can be used to track the progress of your parcel on the third party website (Australia Post or the courier company).  If you are having issues with the delivery of your goods, we will also help to locate the parcel from our end.

What if my order is lost or damaged in transit by the delivery company?

 If the order is misplaced or damaged on receipt, we will replace your order and re-send, at no additional cost to you, once we have verified its loss/damage with the delivery company.

If I receive wrong item, who will pay postage for exchange?

We will take the utmost of care when packing your order. All postage for the exchange will be paid by us if the wrong item been sent. Please file a return case from our Returns page and return the goods, we will reimburse the cost of regular return postage. Return of goods by any other method than normal postage will not be fully reimbursed; only to the value of regular Australia Post delivery. Please note the goods must returned in a re-saleable condition.

What is your return policy in case I change mind about the items or they are not suitable?

Where the customer changes their mind or the goods are not suitable for the job, the goods can be returned to us within 30 days, at the customer’s expense, and a refund will be made for the goods only.

What if I want to cancel my order already placed over the online store?
Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can stop the dispatch of the goods. If your decision is made on the weekend or after hours, when we are unable to be contacted by phone, please email us immediately.
What is your product warranty? How I make a claim under warranty?

We have a five years’ warranty on all our products. It is advisable to keep the original invoice for the sale as proof of purchase in the event that you need to make a claim at some future time during the warranty of the item.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes we do offer expedited shipping. There may be an additional cost for the express shipping, so please contact us before the purchase. We will be able give you a quote for the extra cost involved in using Express Post and an estimated delivery time.

I am in the trade. Do you offer any special prices?

Our prices are very competitive in the market place. We generally don’t discount any further unless you have a large order. Please contact us if you want a quote for a bulk order.

Do you have a catalogue?

Our website is our catalogue. We are continually expanding our product line and will constantly update our website to reflect these new offerings. Utilizing the web as our catalogue allows us to quickly offer you new products virtually overnight without the delay of the printing process for a catalogue.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located at 15 Brunker Rd, Greenacre, N.S.W., 2190. Our business hours are from 8.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday; 9.00am to 2.00pm Saturday.

How would I locate a product on your site?

We have a superior search engine that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. You may search by style, series, material or size. You can use any or all of these features to narrow down your search.

Do you ship goods to overseas?
No, we will only deliver within Australia.
How do I maintain my new hardware?

With proper care, all hardware should provide our customers with many years of beauty. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners. Use only mild soapy water and then dry immediately to care for your hardware. Most modern day finishes should last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

From what material are your handles and hardware made?

Unless otherwise indicated, our hardware is made of zinc alloy, stainless steel or brass. If some specialty pieces are made of distinct metals we will list in in the item’s description.

What finish are handles or hardware?

We stock satin nickel finish for most of our doorware. The finish looks like satin stainless steel, which it gives it a modern appearance. The finish is not as dull as satin chrome, and not as shiny as polished chrome which can leave finger prints and is hard to maintain. We have also introduced the black satin nickel and brushed brass finish, which looks very exclusive and will go with any colour of the interior. All our stainless steel hardware comes with satin stainless steel finish. We have found the original stainless steel finish is the best. We also have a extended inventory in matt black finish door hardware. 

Can stainless steel rust? Why? (I thought stainless steel did not rust!)

There are two reasons stainless steel may rust. The most common reason is iron particles that have contaminated the surface of the stainless steel and it is these iron particles that are rusting. Look at the source of the rusting and see if you can remove it from the surface. Stainless steel can suffer from crevice corrosion due to the environment. Salt water areas or detergents and solvents used nearby will contribute to this. By choosing higher-grade stainless steel you have less chance to rust. A grade higher than 304 stainless steel is suggested for these situations, which it has less steel content.

Do you sell door hardware for our exterior doors?

Whether using our handles, locks, hinges and other door hardware, they must be installed undercover against rain. Although it is not a problem to expose the hardware to the sun, the water may damage the lock, latch or any parts made of steel. This will cause the lock to stop functioning and shorten the life of the mechanism.

Are your door handles and locks fire rated?
No, all our door hardware has not been fire rated. Please contact your local hardware store if you require a fire rated product.